Construction projects are complex and usually expensive. As a result, they tend to attract more than their fair share of disputes. Whether you want to get a project started on the right foot with a solid contract or are already embroiled in a disagreement, we have the expertise to help. Attorney Paul Pritchett has almost two decades of experience in the construction industry and has held almost every position on a construction site from laborer to project manager. Since becoming an attorney he has assisted homeowners and large contractors alike with their construction disputes. Let his unique experience of practical experience and legal expertise help you with your next project.

Construction Law related services that we offer are:

  • Construction Contracts - Drafting and negotiating contracts for owners, contractors, and subcontractors

  • Construction Defect Litigation - Assisting property owners and contractors with construction defect claims

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution - Resolving construction disputes through mediation or arbitration rather than litigation

  • Construction Contract Litigation - Taking action for property owners, contractors, or subcontractors when issues related to payment, work scope, fraud, or other contractual disputes