Creating an estate plan is a critical step in protecting your family. With a properly crafted plan, you can make sure that your loved ones will be able to continue their lives with out any avoidable disruptions caused by successions and probate. You can also ensure that the proper people are identified to make end of life decisions on your behalf.


If you have a complicated estate, or a life insurance premium, and minor children or other dependents, you may wish to craft an estate plan that controls not just who your property goes to, but also how, and when. With the advanced planning benefits available in a trust, you can make sure that the property you've accumulated is properly managed with your children's best interest in mind, rather than turned over in a lump sum to someone who may be unable or uninterested in properly managing and investing the property.

Furthermore, if you have minor children and are divorced, your ex-spouse may be put in a position of managing all of your property on behalf of your child, by crafting a trust, you can appoint a proper party to manage your estate on behalf of your dependents.


Simple Wills

If you do not need the advanced planning options available in a trust, you may need a simple will. A simple will ensures that your property is administered to the proper parties upon your passing, with no surprises or technicalities of the law. Instead of wondering what will happen if something happens to you, you can move forward with the comfort of knowing that your family will be taken care of.


Other End of Life Documents

Our estate planning packages may also include Power of Attorney documents to ensure that people you trust are able to help you manage your property if you become inform. We also offer Living (Medical) Wills to ensure that important medical decisions are not made without your input. We can also provide Medical Power of Attorney, and Funeral Requests as part of a complete package, to assist your family in difficult times.